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Why you should choose only a drop of cure

The Dead Sea cosmetic has boomed in the recent years and there are strong reasons why, but a must know fact is that Dead Sea has been used for its cosmetic properties since biblical times. There’s so many testimonials of people really seeing improvements from their skin condition by visiting the Dead Sea Natural Spa. Using the mud and soaking inside the lake. And there are so many studies that prove the effectiveness of the Dead Sea minerals (from the Salt and Mud) in sebum (oil) balance, anti microbial effect, wound healing and collagen production. This explains why the mud and the salt are great for acne prone skin, eczema & psoriasis.

Despite this conditions, Dead Sea creams and moisturizers can be the choice for a daily skin care routine for normal, dry and oily skin.

What makes this cosmetic line so suitable for all skin types.

  1. Dead Sea Minerals are vital for skin health. Because the are minerals they work on cell level by improving the hydration of the dermal cell.
  2. From there a cascade of effects happens. Like pH balance. This is crucial for balancing cell function and protecting the cells’ membrane. This will look as a plumed and healthy skin.
  3. The moisturizing effect of creams loaded with Dead Sea minerals can reduce the fine wrinkles around the sensitive areas.
  4. The composition of the creams with different minerals will help cell turnover, which is slowed down with age. Together with it is noticed a clearer and more balanced skin tone.

However what always remains a question is which of the many products you find are genuinely rich in Dead Sea Minerals. There’s a lot to explore and find out. What you see here is a list of items that are less preserved and minimal perfume added.

What we love about Dead Sea LaCure line:

  1. All natural
    • Just find a few drops of skin care outside in the nature. Nature has the power to heal and restore, so there is no need to reinvent what works.
    • The products have a natural smell with very little fragrance added. Because if you want to smell good better spray some perfume or light a diffuser 😉
  2. All Vegan!
    • How refreshing it feel to have on your skin minerals from Dead Sea and Extracts of Fruits and veggies.
    • How good you feel about no animal testing products you are using?
  3. Non sticky or shiny effect.
    • It’s so difficult to find a product that has a deeply moisturizing effect but doesn’t look like you
  4. Simplify your skin care routine. You believe in “less is more”, right. Then yes, ten steps of this and that might work, but you do not want to end up spending 45 min for your morning and 45 min in the evening skin care routine? We love that the Dead Sea skin care routine is simplified. What do you need to use:
    1. Skin cleaning products- Dead Sea Mud or Dead Sea Mineral salt soap
    2. Toner Cream
    3. Day/ Night Cream
    4. Eye Cream
    • 1-2x/ week facial mud mask
    • 2-3x/ week facial scrub

And you are done!!

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