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Hello, I wanted to let you know that I love your mud mask omg I was having terrible breakouts over the weekend as I tried a new scrub and I think I reacted badly to it, but the mask helped to dry them up and my face is so much better now!! I just repurchased another tube of the mud mask as the one I bought previously is almost finishing.
Yasmin Abdullah
I’ve been trying the Dead Sea mud mask on areas where I have psoriasis, and I must say there is a significant amount of good difference after I remove the mask. The plaques appear flat and smoother. I’m gonna try it a bit intensively. I’ll update you soon on the progress. Have been applying the Eye Cream for the last two days and today I felt like my dark circles are much lighter than usual.
Leena Subramaniam
The past days my face been so dull and tired! Since applying this dead sea mud from @deadsea.sg for 2 days, I see a little difference to my skin.

(Freaking honest review!)
Adeline Hokulani
No edit, not paid review and definitely not a fake review. Good thing must be shared! This is 100% legit. My skin got better in 12 days! Can't wait to see the result in a month. Thank you @deadsea.sg I love my skin now 🙂
I’m really loving their products. Especially the Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Cooling Toner Cream... my face feels so clean and rejuvenated... I shall stick to these for now.
Linda Isham
Holy guacamole! Love the feel of it. First time using Mud Mask from Dead Sea, I’m shook! Feels really nice after I wash off the mask.
Wiwit A.
The eye cream keeps my under eye area nice and hydrated.
Sarsa Arul
OMG I am so loving this soap! Never felt this smooth before! I'm letting my 13yr old girl try surprisingly redness on her skin literally gone too.
Sue Afad
I started using La Cure moisturiser. I like it. Not sticky at all.
Dana Sofia
I have tried the CKI scent bath Salt. It works well on me. Especially I have sensitive skin and prompt to have “hives”. The bath Salt soothes the itch and bring down the redness of the bumps on my Skin effectively. I will definitely recommend this bath salt even to Sensitive Skin user.
I’ve tried a lot of products but my face is not getting any better. So My sister once gave me the mineral soap bar and i tried on my face. After 2 weeks my face was so smooth and oil clogs gone. Here i am ordering it again. ❤️
Ras Rosli
I gave the scrub salt to my bride-to-be daughter in law and she told me she felt amazing and squeaky clean! You guys should open a spa with these products!​
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