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Hand & Foot Creams with Dead Sea Minerals

Your hands & feet almost never get a break. Think of everything your hands accomplish, on a certain day: From making your breakfast, to hugging your loved ones, to driving, to preparing reports. Not to mention the ongoing task of using your smartphone. Besides, your feet work very hard to carry the entire weight of the body day in and day out – they deserve a little attention now and then.

The best way to give hands & feet what they need is with a mineral-rich, indulgent La Cure creams, applied with a massage to melt stress away.

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals directly extracted from the Dead Sea. The combination of minerals with Vitamin E and fruits Extract gives a unique formula, which provides protection, softening and moisturizing benefits for the hand and foot skin.

La Cure hand cream contains a precious mineral complex from the Dead Sea, the world’s largest natural spa. This complex assists in maintaining a healthy skin hydration level, strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, ensures skin cell regeneration and address and skin condition at your hands such eczema. Gradually, hands become softer than ever, more sooth and beautiful.

La Cure Soothing Foot Cream is uniquely restorative formula enriched with Dead Sea Minerals directly extracted from the Dead Sea combined with Jojoba Oil and other natural ingredients. Helps you achieve soft, healthier skin that feels great with every step. Apply it to your feet regularly to help soothe and repair cracked and rough skin, to prevent further dryness and address any skin condition like eczema, breakouts, scars and so on.

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