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Our Special Dead Sea Products Collections

Indulge with our collections of natural facial and body skin care. Give it to the unique sensations found in the purest minerals and nutrients on earth, and let our products rid your skin of flaws, leaving it moisturized and supple.

Rich in Dead Sea Mud and minerals and nutrients with proven health and skincare benefits, our masks, creams, and soaps for face and body deliver visible results to all skin types. Feel the smoothness of your skin as you breathe in the aroma of the Dead Sea, with our skincare and body care line.

Our Dead Sea minerals in the skincare collections purifies, exfoliates and cleanses to bring out your healthy glow and deliver the results you crave.

Acne Collection

Acne Solution Pack

Do you suffer from skin breakouts or acne? Or would you only like to brighten the look of your skin? Our skin Acne Solution pack is made with Dead Sea minerals extract and vitamins. Our formulas target acne-prone skin and help to enhance translucency, brightness and even skin tone.

We know healthy, glowing skin is the result of a good skincare routine, and one of the first steps you should take in your routine is addressing how to balance your skin tone. La Cure creams and Mud mask products do just that, giving you smoother, healthier skin and lessening dark spots and scars caused by acne.

Filled with nutrients and minerals, our mud mask is excellent for reducing psoriasis, acne, arthritis and moisturizing the skin. Dead Sea mud helps to remove layers of dead cells from your skin to allow new cells to regenerate. Blood circulation in the face increases and the skin on the face becomes noticeably healthier. It is proven to absorb toxins and acne-causing bacteria from your face.

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Dead Sea Bless Kit

Give your entire body the softness and bless it craves with our line of body masks, salts and creams. Our effective products deliver professional results that leave your skin feeling youthful, fresh and balanced-toned, not to mention much silkier to the touch.

Boost the effect of your favourite natural salts and mud, and achieve healthy, supple skin with our luxurious but natural exfoliators. A must-have collection to ensure flawless skin and to address your skin special condition.

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Facial Care Set

Infused with Dead Sea Minerals and active ingredients, our facial skin care collection includes mud masks, cleansing soap and night/day creams that feel even better on your skin, illuminating and evening out your complexion.

Lighten, lift and nurture your skin with La Cure selection of natural moisturizers, full with ingredients to target tone, texture, and vibrancy. Pump your skincare with a mineral cocktail of radiance-boosting, complexion-corrective, skin-glowing and protective goodies from La Cure to reduce visible pores, target dark spots and address skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, arthesis, breakouts, blemishes, and so on.

They say a real lady never reveals her age. Keep everyone guessing what yours is with -La Cure Facial Care regimen.

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